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Alone – Season 5!

Alone – Season 5!

Aug 10, 2018 | Alone, In the Press, Survival Skills, Wilderness Living Skills

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Catch Nicole Apelian in Season 5 of the History Channel’s hit show Alone. Nicole and 10 other survivalists, all from previous seasons of Alone, return for a second chance to win. Season 5 is set into the remote surroundings of Northern Mongolia.

From the History Channel web page for Alone: [Participants] will be put to the ultimate test of will and human endurance – surviving as long as they can, completely isolated and alone, with nothing but the contents of a small backpack. Each individual must create their own shelters, catch food from the land, overcome the harsh foreign terrain and bitter cold, and contend with a host of deadly predators. They will truly be on their own. No camera crew. No gimmicks. Last one standing wins.

These are the ten items Nicole selected to bring on her survival journey to Mongolia:

1. Knife
2. Saw
3. Sleeping bag
4. Ferro rod
5. Multitool
6. Pot
7. Fishing line and hooks
8. Gill net
9. Trapping wire
10. Food ration

Watch full episodes online here.

Learn more about Nicole’s experiences on both seasons of the show here.

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