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Chinook Observer | ‘Survive and thrive’: Pacific County woman’s philosophy

Chinook Observer | ‘Survive and thrive’: Pacific County woman’s philosophy

Nov 13, 2018 | Alone, Apothecary, Emergency Preparedness, Good Living, In the Press, Multiple Sclerosis, Natural Healing, Nature Connection, Survival Skills

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Teacher, TV survival expert is role model for self-sufficiency

From the Chinook Observer article authored by Patrick Webb:

Nicole Apelian is a survivor.

She leads safari groups to Africa, teaches outdoor survival skills and competes on TV reality shows which push endurance at bleak locations well beyond reasonable bounds.

Her motto is “survive and thrive.”

But her biggest challenge came 18 years ago when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

As her body weakened, she said Western medicine failed to allow her to lead anything close to a normal life, so she embraced holistic health strategies and became versed in herbal remedies. Now she shares them with others as an online apothecary.

“She’s very well known in the primitive-skills community,” he said. “Women that invest as much time and effort as her in primitive life, well, it’s a rarity. … The number of women at that proficiency level, you can count on the fingers of one hand. She’s right there at the crest, at the top.”

– Jose M. Amoedo

Read the complete article at the Chinook Observer.


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