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Survival skills pro and ‘Alone’ star is consulting on movie

From the Portland Tribune article, authored by Lyndsey Hewitt:

Apelian believes that humanity is too disconnected and needs to find its way back to community living.

“Because these things have been taken out from under us, I think that’s a really big part of why we see a lot of physiological and psychological illness in people,” says Apelian. “(People) no longer have a sense of purpose.”

But hope is not lost. Apelian is inspired by the fact that she worked to heal her multiple sclerosis through more natural ways, and likes to spend time outside because “that’s when I feel healthy.”

“Part of what I teach is how to reconnect yourself to nature and how to connect to community. I see a light go off in people when they’re doing something as simple as making a basket from natural materials,” Apelian says. “Suddenly, they get connected to their primal self. People are happier.”

Read the full article at the Portland Tribune.


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