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Rewild Yourself Podcast: On Lions, The San, and Being Alone

Rewild Yourself Podcast: On Lions, The San, and Being Alone

May 12, 2017 | Alone, In the Press, Indigenous Wisdom, Interviews & Podcasts

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Dr. Nicole Apelian joins Daniel Vitalis’s Rewild Yourself podcast to share her experience living with lions and the San Bushmen in southern Africa.

In this episode, Nicole gives us a peek inside the world of the San Bushmen tribe. We learn who they are, how they structure their tribe, how the relationships between men and women work and how they raise their babies. She also shares some of the horrific obstacles they’ve faced over the years and how they’re recovering today.

The conversation traverses a myriad of fascinating topics. Nicole and Daniel discuss what it’s like living with a predator, cultural appropriation and the romanticizing of the hunter-gatherer lifeway, Nicole’s time spent surviving alone in the wilderness, the future of modern day indigenous tribes living in their traditional lifeway and much, much more.

Listen to the podcast now! Nicole comes on at 35:30:

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