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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission from, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I use or have used myself. All opinions expressed here are my own.

When my youngest son was 10 years old, he helped me create this video about emergency preparedness for kids and what’s in his own emergency preparedness kit. He’s 12 now, and he still carries these items every single day. He keeps them in his backpack during the school year (with the exception of the knife) and takes the kit with him when he’s out on a hike with friends, or on one of his many other adventures.

Even more important than carrying these items: he knows how to use each item in the kit. These are the things any parent would want a child to have on hand if he or she was ever stranded due to an accident or inclement weather, or had gotten lost or impacted by a natural disaster. I encourage you to share this video with your own children to help get them interested in wilderness safety and emergency preparedness. Along with providing the tools, teaching them how and when to use each is crucially important.

I’ve provided a list of the items from Quinn’s kit below, in case you’d like to create an emergency preparedness kit for your own child. If you’d like to learn what’s in my own emergency kit, click here

Emergency Preparedness for Kids | Emergency Kit List:

Flagging Tape – (neon) and a bright clothing/rain jacket – to be more visible to an air search.

Emergency Whistle – this item should be in every survival kit. Instead of yelling, which can drain energy quickly, kids can use this ultra-loud whistle to help others track their location if necessary.

Signal Mirror – this signal mirror is incredibly light, almost unbreakable, and works even when it’s overcast.

Ferro Rod – for use starting a fire. As we mentioned in the video, I pack a larger one of these in my son’s kit simply for ease of use in smaller kid hands. I also recommend this one for the same reason. My son demonstrates briefly in the video how to hold and use a ferro rod, but here’s a tutorial on YouTube to help you teach your own kids.

Lighter – be sure to take the child lock off so that it’s easy to use for small hands, or in case of hypothermia

Fire Starting Tinder – fire starting tinder from 5ive Star Gear is made of long-burning, lightweight cotton and can be used by a child with the Ferro rod to start a fire even in damp conditions.

Emergency Blanket – this is 100% wind and waterproof to keep kids warm and dry as it reflects 90% of radiated body heat.

Emergency Rain Poncho – no one wants to imagine their child lost, cold, and wet – but it can happen. With this emergency rain poncho in their kit, kids won’t get soaked in an emergency situation.

Flashlight – a small, bright flashlight (and an extra battery!) is crucial for a kid’s emergency kit. This one is my top pick because it has a special button for signaling in the dark.

Map Compass – my son has this 5ive Star Gear product on him at all times because it’s simple and lightweight. Knowing how to use a compass is crucial – be sure to teach your kids the basics.

Water Bottle and Nesting Cup Kit – this single-walled stainless steel water bottle comes with a nesting cup that can be used for boiling water and cooking.

Knife – this fixed-blade carbon steel blade outdoor knife is an emergency kit basic. (Note: most schools don’t allow a knife, so take out for school days.)

Water Purification Tablets – these tiny effervescent tablets can kill micro-organisms in water collected from rain, rivers, lakes, wells, cisterns, etc. to prevent cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other water-borne diseases.

First-Aid Salve – I make this myself with locally sourced, wild and/or organic ingredients. This First Aid Salve promotes the healing of cuts, scrapes, minor wounds, rashes, first degree burns, and bruising. The salve also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. (This is my #1 best seller for good reason!)


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