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Experience a New Level of Potency with Spagyric Tinctures

Experience a New Level of Potency with Spagyric Tinctures

Jan 19, 2021 | Herbal Tinctures

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission from, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I use or have used myself. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Herbal Tincture Extraction Methods

Over the years as an herbalist, I have discovered the advantages of using tinctures over pills and teas. I’ve also found that tincture formulations can vary widely in quality and effectiveness. And when mushrooms and lichens are involved, the process of extraction becomes more complex to properly access all the beneficial compounds. This is why I’ve developed a line of powerful herbal tinctures that employ the very best in extraction techniques, including: alcohol, dual-extraction, and now our addition of the spagyric method.

As I wrote in, “The Invincible Herbal Extract: Why it’s Better Than Pills“, alcohol-based tinctures are the ideal if you’re seeking the most potent natural medicine:

Alcohol is regarded as the universal menstruum (solvent) because it is able to successfully draw out more essential oils and other active compounds compared to using water or other medium. In short, alcohol-based tinctures provide the most effective concentration of beneficial elements found in the plant.

Alcohol-extracted tinctures are more readily absorbed through the mouth and stomach wall, thereby bypassing the digestive process. The herb is drawn quickly into the bloodstream—it takes under 4 minutes for the extract to be assimilated. Tinctures also offer flexible dosage compared to teas and pills. Moreover, herbal extracts are virtually indestructible when stored properly. Incredibly, the potency of these tinctures can last for up to seven years.

But not all tinctures are created equal. Some herbs like mushrooms and lichen require dual-extraction in both alcohol and water to fully access the medicinal compounds. The first step is the alcoholic extraction. Ground herbs are placed into a food-grade cloth pouch, which is then placed in an alcohol bath where it’s circulated until the process is complete. Next is the water extraction. The herbs are processed in a warm water bath for several days to access the full-range of water-soluble elements. The alcohol and water processes extract all the powerful herbal compounds, oils and resins that are soluble into those liquids.

Spagyric Extraction Method

However, there is a third, additional process called Spagyric Extraction Method. With this unique method, the spent herb is processed with pressure and heat to produce a mineral-rich ash that’s derived from the entire plant or mushroom. With this process, nothing goes to waste. The medicinal properties of the plant are fully accessed from the ash and herbal extraction, which creates a tincture that embodies a complete spectrum of intracellular minerals and plant cell salts. These elements were valued and well-known among alchemists.

Tinctures that employ the spagyric method are highly energized and concentrate the full medicinal properties, nutrients, and enzymes of the botanical. Instead of simply capturing one aspect of the plant, this method ensures the tincture integrates all the synergistic elements.

It is the gold standard for botanical extracts.

Spagyric tinctures are non-toxic, gentle, and pleasant tasting. All my tinctures utilize this innovative process along with alcohol extraction. My mushroom and lichen tinctures take it one step further and employ an additional water extraction method to create the highest potency available.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of my spagyric herbal extracts for specific health concerns? Visit the Apothecary today.

Wishing you the very best on your healing journey.

Nicole Apelian

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