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My Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide is a Game-Changer — Here’s Why

My Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide is a Game-Changer — Here’s Why

Feb 16, 2024 | Survival Skills, Wilderness Living Skills

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Rediscover the Lost Secrets of Our Ancestors

When you stop to think about our ancestors, they didn’t just survive for brief periods of time in the wild — they lived there. Today with our modern conveniences of central heat, electricity, indoor plumbing, and all the rest, we may not give much thought to what would happen if access to these comforts suddenly disappeared.

But if you would like to learn the skills for how to thrive in nature for substantial lengths of time, my new book: Wilderness Long-Term Survival Guide: Forgotten Skills to Make the Wild Your Home is an outstanding resource. It is packed with step-by-step instructions and vivid color photographs and diagrams so you are never left guessing. Importantly, we selected durable, thick paper and a sturdy binding for years of active use. This is one guide you will turn to again and again — keep reading to learn why.

campfire and sparks

The Ultimate Preparedness

I have written extensively on how to prepare for an emergency if the grid goes down due to a natural disaster or a collapse, including water and foodeven if you live in an urban environment. I’ve also covered how to put together a wilderness field kit so that it will be on hand when the need arises. For hikers and campers, this reference guide is the perfect size to keep in your pack for basic emergency preparedness.

My new wilderness guide takes this knowledge much further for those who would like to live a truly off-grid life — or are required to do so in the event of a collapse. Here are the essential topics covered within its pages:

collecting water in a rain barrel

Water & Fire

Needless to say, being able to source, collect, and purify water should be your top concern, not only because we cannot survive without it for long, but also to avoid parasites and bacteria that can cause severe illness and even death. You will learn the different methods for collecting, storing, and purifying water — including how to source water from plants.

I will also take you through the steps for another critical skill: starting and maintaining a fire — even in the rain. This section covers fire basics along with advanced fire techniques such as the Swedish torch, covert fires, and a self-feeding fire.

log shelter


A primary concern while living in the wild is having reliable shelter from the elements. I will show you how to build the only three you need to know – including a debris shelter, a one-month shelter, and a forever shelter. You will also learn where to build it as well as places to avoid.

Nicole Apelian foraging


Next in importance is how to source food through foraging, trapping, hunting, and fishing. You will learn how to build a variety of structures to trap and snare game, as well as detailed fishing techniques and tools that can be made in the wild with basic materials. Preservation and storage are also covered, along with cultivating the land to produce your own food.

Pemmican is considered the ultimate survival food as it can last for years when properly stored and provides concentrated calories and protein. It is made by pulverizing dried meat and berries, then mixed with rendered animal fat. I will show you in six easy steps how to create a reliable stash of this invaluable food. You will also learn the little known secret for extracting salt from plants.

man bathing in waterfall pool

Personal Hygiene

If you associate living off-grid or roughing it with being dirty and unclean, it’s time to challenge these assumptions. In fact, cleanliness is more important in the wild to avoid stomach and intestinal infections, or fungal and bacterial skin conditions. I will show you how to stay clean in the wild by making simple soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, natural brushes and combs, hair and face care, and much more from ingredients found in nature.

You will also learn several secrets to bathing, including air and smoke baths. Curious about the best way to wash your clothes in the wild? I share a surefire way to make sure they are thoroughly clean and fresh. I also provide tips on feminine hygiene, including helpful plants that address a number of concerns during your cycle. What’s more, you will learn how to build and maintain a sanitary latrine.

evergreen saplings

Wilderness Basic First Aid

If you become injured or sick in the wilderness, it can be deadly if you don’t have the proper supplies or knowledge. This is why I have included a comprehensive section on identifying and using a range of readily accessible plants to treat wounds, illness, bleeding, breakage, pain, infections, digestive upsets, hypothermia, and more.

cordage lashing poles

Crafting in the Wild

In this section, we will explore essential knots and hitches to use in the wild; creating tools and weapons; how to make pottery and containers with natural materials; detailed, set-by-step instructions for constructing a stone oven, smokehouse, and fire box; and making cordage from plants.

white owl in field of yellow flowers


No survival guide would be complete without addressing safety in the wild. Here I will teach you the crucial skills and strategies needed when you encounter potentially dangerous wildlife, including grizzlies, black bears, and polar bears; cougars, wolves, and coyotes; and moose and elk. You will also learn how to become invisible in the wild; track and use bird call to warn you of threats and find prey; and follow other animals by observing their tracks and scat.

mountain stream with alpine view

The Right Mental Attitude

The final chapter in my guide is dedicated to cultivating the proper attitude when you are in a wilderness survival scenario and applies to any time you are out in nature, whether on a short hike that has turned dangerous or living long-term in the wild. Your mental attitude can mean the difference between thriving and surviving — or not.

Water and Fire chapter in Long Term Survival Guide

Why This Guide is Essential

Truth be told, we can only plan and prepare to a certain extent since life itself is unpredictable by nature. But learning and practicing survival skills is knowledge that will always be available to you — regardless of the situation. Now more than ever it is imperative to learn these skills so we can confidently thrive in the wilderness, no matter what.

I was only able to print a limited batch of this one-of-a-kind guide. I don’t want you to miss your chance to get your copy. You don’t know when the next crisis hits, and then it might be too late to find this book. As we’ve seen with the recent pandemic, these types of items disappear quickly in a crisis.

It is not available in stores. So if you live in the USA, tap here to pick up your copy today!

Nicole Apelian

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