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Ask Dr. Nicole: Natural wellness recommendations for keeping healthy kids healthy?

Ask Dr. Nicole: Natural wellness recommendations for keeping healthy kids healthy?

Apr 24, 2018 | Apothecary, Ask Doctor Nicole, Healthy Kids, Herbal Tinctures, Natural Remedies, Natural Wellness

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Hello Dr. Nicole! I would like to know what your recommendations are for keeping healthy kids healthy?  I have an 11-year-old son who plays outside regularly and gets plenty of fresh air and exercise. He’s active, and healthy overall. He doesn’t eat very much processed food. I’ve been giving him a natural brand of complete gummy vitamins for kids that include Omega 3 DHA/EPA fish oil, Methyl B12, and Vitamin D3. I also give him a natural brand immune vitamin for kids with Vitamin C, plus Zinc and Echinacea. Do you have any suggestions for helping a healthy kid stay healthy during flu season? As careful as I am, I’m sure he probably doesn’t eat all the fruits and veggies that he probably should!

What do you do for your own kids?

Thank you for reaching out. I’m glad to hear your son is healthy and is spending time outdoors!

To help keep my kids healthy, I give them the Smarty Pants Multivitamin with Omega 3s and Vitamin D, daily.

When my children feel something coming on I immediately give them a dropper full of my Elderberry Tincture and then I give them a second dropper full 3 hours later. That usually keeps them from getting sick. If they did end up getting sick or we catch it late, I would give 3 droppers full each day, but that really seems to do it!

My kids also love homemade smoothies – smoothies are an easy and fun way to get those fruits in and sneak in some veggies (with all those good fruits mixed in, you can’t really taste the kale!)

Wishing you (and your son!) a wonderful day,



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