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Nicole interviewed on <em>HIListically Speaking with Hilary Russo</em>

Nicole interviewed on HIListically Speaking with Hilary Russo

Mar 31, 2022 | Interviews & Podcasts

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New interview with Nicole on HIListically Speaking with Hilary Russo

Check out Episode 79, “Dr. Nicole Apelian: Living Well in the Wild”.

On this episode of HIListically Speaking, get to know Nicole as she explores the healing power of nature. What she learned from life in the wild. From deep in the woods of [Vancouver] Island and Mongolia to living among the Bushman and across the Kalahari Desert. How documenting her journey on television gave her more perspective about healing and finding balance in her own backyard. Plus, she answers listeners questions about everything from medicinal mushrooms and loneliness to the power of connection and preserving cultural heritage.


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