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Are You Experiencing Unexplained Health Issues? EMFs May Be to Blame

Are You Experiencing Unexplained Health Issues? EMFs May Be to Blame

Aug 6, 2021 | Disease, Disorders, and Illnesses, Favorite Things, Technology & Your Health

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission from, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I use or have used myself. All opinions expressed here are my own.

The Hazards of Modern Living

Today, it’s difficult to imagine life without technology. Cellphones, Wi-Fi, computers, smart meters, and even the electricity flowing through our homes and businesses have become integral to the smooth functioning and efficiency of modern life. And now Starlink has announced that its 1,800 satellites will be fully operational in August 2021, with an additional 10,200 planned for the future. The 5G telecom rollout is also in full-swing.

But researchers, scientists, and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect this is having on our health and environment. As more people experience unexplained issues like inflammation, brain fog, chronic fatigue, ADHD, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and even cancer, many are questioning the safety of this electric and magnetic field producing technology — and rightly so.

EMFs: Effects on Human & Animal Health – including MS, Diabetes & Weight Gain

Arthur Firstenberg is a scientist, journalist, and author who graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University with a mathematics degree. He has written several books on the dangers of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), including The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life. Firstenberg is also on the board of directors for Cellular Phone Task Force, a clearinghouse of information about the harmful effects of wireless technology. For over thirty-eight years he has consulted and lectured on the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Recently, Firstenberg wrote about how wireless technology wrecks havoc with biological systems and energy production within the mitochondria, where “the electron-generating enzymes in our mitochondria cannot keep up with the volume of sugars, fats and proteins being supplied by our digestive system, those components of our diet accumulate in our blood.”

Electromagnetic fields in the home infograph EMFs

He states that diabetes, a disease of accumulation of sugar in the blood, was extremely rare before 1860, regardless of the amount of sugar people consumed. The same for coronary heart disease, which is caused by the accumulation of fats.

Interestingly, Firstenberg points out that heart disease was non-existent in animals at the Philadelphia Zoo before 1945. And yet, the disease began to increase so rapidly that by 1963, “over 90 percent of all mammals and 72 percent of all birds that died in the zoo had coronary disease, while 24 percent of the mammals and 10 percent of the birds had had heart attacks. Similar trends were reported from the London Zoo and the Zoo of Antwerp.” This study from 2014 showed a significant increase in artery calcification in animal models who were exposed to EMFs with the highest level of disease reported in those that had kidney issues.

Firstenberg notes that electrical disease is also responsible for obesity because it slows down metabolism, which can be seen in the lowering of body temperature that began during the Industrial Revolution. “Obesity has been steadily increasing, worldwide, not only in humans, but in zoo animals, laboratory animals, pets, farm animals, and wild animals, due to the increase in radiation,” he says.

A 2006 study in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine found a strong link between exposure to electromagnetic fields and poor health. When the fields were reduced, the team found:

The number of students needing inhalers for asthma was reduced in one school and student behavior associated with ADD/ADHD improved in another school. Blood sugar levels for some diabetics respond to the amount of dirty electricity in their environment. Type 1 diabetics require less insulin and Type 2 diabetics have lower blood sugar levels in an electromagnetically clean environment. Individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis have better balance and fewer tremors. Those requiring a cane walked unassisted within a few days to weeks after GS filters were installed in their home.

The researchers concluded that “several disorders, including asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, are increasing at an alarming rate, as is electromagnetic pollution in the form of dirty electricity, ground current, and radio frequency radiation from wireless devices. The connection between electromagnetic pollution and these disorders need to be investigated.”

Electrosensitive? Here’s How to Help Protect Yourself

As more people discover they are sensitive to the increasing electromagnetic fields of modern life, it’s understandable that we will seek a way to mitigate the effect of EMFs. After researching many products that claim to reduce the harmful impacts of EMF exposure, most didn’t appear to offer much benefit.

What I found is that Blushield products seem to provide the highest level of protection. I know firsthand because it is what my family and I use in our own home. I also carry a portable Blushield device when I am travelling or out running errands. While everyone is different as to how they are affected by EMFs, I have personally found that using Blushield has greatly improved the clarity, energy, quality sleep, and overall health of myself and my family.

If you would like to give Blushield a try, use the code “doctornicole” for 10% off your purchase. With the increase of EMF exposure through 5G networks and Starlink satellites, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution and safeguard health. It will help to give you peace of mind knowing that Blushield offers reliable protection for you, your family, and pets.

Nicole Apelian

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