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Ask Dr. Nicole: How often should I take Elderberry?

Ask Dr. Nicole: How often should I take Elderberry?

Oct 15, 2018 | Apothecary, Ask Doctor Nicole, Healing Salves, Healthy Kids, Herbal Tinctures, Natural Remedies, Natural Wellness

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Hi Nicole! I have been wanting to get Elderberry for my kids for a while now. We take Vitamin C daily but a lot of health groups I’m in recommend taking Elderberry every day. I saw you have it in your apothecary and I’d prefer to buy from you than some big company. My question is, do you recommend taking Elderberry daily or only as needed when a cold is coming on?

Great question! I take Elderberry when I’m traveling or when I’ve been around large groups of people. I do not take it every day as I’m often solo. I do have friends and customers who take it every day. A friend who is an ER nurse takes it daily during cold and flu season so that he does not get ill. He uses my Elderberry Tincture along with the Usnea Spray in the back of his throat for prevention, and then he’ll use my All-Purpose Salve up inside his nose so that nothing gets in (see my Travel Pack).

My own kids take my Elderberry when they say they feel they’re coming down with something – then I give them a dropper full, and then the second dose that night. I’ll give it to them again the next morning. If we do indeed get sick with something then we’ll take the Elderberry up to three times a day until whatever we have is gone. That said we don’t get sick very much anymore with our prevention methods.

2020 Update: Nowadays everyone in my family uses all three Travel Pack items whenever we are out and about and around other people.

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