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Are You Ready to Deepen Your Knowledge of Herbal Medicine? My New Online Herbal Academy is For You!

Are You Ready to Deepen Your Knowledge of Herbal Medicine? My New Online Herbal Academy is For You!

Feb 2, 2024 | Herbal Remedies, How-To, Learn With Nicole

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission from, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I use or have used myself. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Take Charge of Your Health & Self-Sufficiency

Have you ever wanted to learn more about natural remedies so that you could keep your family healthy, but didn’t know where to begin? I hear you. The world of herbalism can be overwhelming when first starting out. Because of this, I have created an online herbal academy that will not only teach you about medicinal plants, but also how to prepare and use them. This course was designed to instill confidence and deepen your mastery so that you know how to handle a medical situation on a day-to-day basis or in the event of a collapse where conventional prescription and over-the-counter medicines may be hard to come by. It is the same valuable knowledge our great grandparents had that’s almost completely lost today.

My course will give you the tools to take charge of your family’s health — whether it is a simple headache that you would like to treat naturally with plants found in your backyard or if you want to put together an herbal pharmacy kit that you can keep on hand for emergencies. The training found in my herbal academy is for anyone who would like to save money in medical costs and become more self-sufficient. It’s like having your own personal health coach and herbalist on hand 24/7! Keep reading to discover all that you will learn in my Lost Remedies Academy.

vibrant turkey tail mushrooms growing on log

A Personal Tour of Wild Medicinal Plants & Mushrooms

We’ll begin by heading out together into nature to identify and learn about the medicinal plants growing wild all around us. This is your chance to get up close and personal with plants in plain sight that you may not have noticed before while out in nature. I’ll discuss each one so that you will recognize defining characteristics and what to look for — and how to correctly identify potentially dangerous lookalikes. We will then bring our wild bounty into the kitchen.

table set to make herbal remedies

Crafting DIY Herbal Remedies

Once we have foraged our medicinal plants and mushrooms, I’ll show you how to make dozens of different extractions, salves, poultices, tinctures, syrups, oil infusions, and other powerful herbal remedies. We will then explore how to create remedies that are custom-tailored for your personal health concerns.

Need a natural remedy that will cool the heat, pain, and swelling of inflammation? I have you covered. What about an herbal antibiotic for times when conventional medicine may be in short supply? Check. Seeking an all-in-one tincture that will strengthen your immune system to prevent cancerous growths, while also defending you against contagious illness? I will show you how to make my number one, go-to formula.

But that’s not all. In this course, you will also learn:

  • Why breathing in mullein smoke is one of the best ways to support lung health.
  • My three favorite herbs for helping to heal a fatty liver — and how to use them.
  • The plants in your garden to get rid of immediately if you have pets.
  • How to make a hair growth serum from common herbs — some may already be in your garden.
  • What I use to promote sleep that’s better than sleeping pills (and healthier too!)
  • Instructions for a DIY herbal tonic can boost a slow thyroid and promote weight loss.
  • The common tree in your backyard that provides powerful medicine — from every single part!
  • A natural “Red Bull of The Woods” recipe that will energize you without the risks.
  • The herb that helped me to become a mother — and can help you too!
  • How to make salves, tinctures, teas, and more for instant pain-relief.
Nicole Apelian foraging with basket

Bonus Resources

This is only a small sampling of what you will learn in my comprehensive herbal course. Along with instant online access to the training, you will also receive The Lost Remedies Academy Guide ebook. It contains all the information from the videos in an easy-to-use format for swiftly identifying plants with clear pictures and diagrams. It also includes each recipe discussed in the course for quick reference.

As a special gift for the first 250 students, I am also offering the following digital resources:

  • The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plans

  • Wild Edibles: Your Guide to the Amazing Superfoods Around Your Home
  • The Herbal Weight Loss Protocol: 50+ Recipes and Common Plants
Nicole Apelian stirring pot in kitchen

Take Advantage of This Special Offer Today!

Unlock the secrets of nature with a one-time purchase that grants you and your family instant lifetime access to my in-depth Lost Remedies Academy. Say goodbye to subscriptions and enjoy a world of knowledge anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV. I am so confident in the value of my academy that I offer a 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to explore the world of medicinal herbs and foraging, or you’re looking to expand existing knowledge, this course is tailored to empower you to take charge of your health and self-sufficiency, while reducing the need for costly medical visits.

I know you are going to love it! Tap here to learn more.

Nicole Apelian

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