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Hygge and the Art of Comfort & Connection

Hygge and the Art of Comfort & Connection

Dec 26, 2023 | Good Living, Holistic Health

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Cultivating Calm Contentment During the Dark Days of Winter

For those who live in Northern climates, the idea of hygge will most likely be an appealing one during the wintertime. Pronounced “hoo-guh”, it loosely translates into the Scandinavian art of being cozy. The word is drawn from the sixteenth-century term “hugga” — meaning “to comfort” or “console”. But the modern understanding of hygge is so much more. Think of it as a cozy sanctuary from the world that can provide real-life relief from the dark days of winter. Even if you don’t suffer from wintertime blues, hygge is for anyone who would like to cultivate more contentment, comfort, and connection in their lives. If you feel as though you could use a measure of hygge in your life, this post is for you!

What is Hygge?

While a somewhat slippery term as it is akin to the warp and woof of Danish culture that really needs to be experienced firsthand, there are several ideas that are intrinsic to hygge: comfort, connection, and contentment. Hygge is closely associated with comforting foods, warm socks, candlelight, and pleasurable, soothing activities. It also embraces a feeling of connection to loved ones and friends with a hardy dose of gratitude thrown into the mix. But the concept isn’t hard and fast — anything that brings a sense of comfort and peace can be considered hygge.

hands holding blue mug of tea

Curling up with a pet? Check. Good conversation over a coffee? You bet. There really isn’t a limit for experiencing hygge — as long as it brings those involved joy and comfort. Even reading a book under a wool blanket with a candle burning nearby is fair game. A traditional Christmas gathering for most people falls under the hygge spectrum too.

One of my favorite hygge-inspired activities is to bake during the cold days of winter:

“…if we want to cultivate more joy in our lives, one helpful practice is to take the time to bake something from scratch. It truly is a lost art for many modern households, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Baking focuses our attention on the here and now — especially if we want the recipe to turn out! Anyone who has ever kneaded dough or hand-whipped egg whites into frothy peaks can attest to the meditative quality of baking — and the joy of the process.” –Encouraging Small Moments of Joy in Everyday Life

cozy holiday scene

Don’t forget about the importance of your surroundings. Comfortable furnishings, cozy blanket throws and pillows, soothing, soft colors, and spaces free from clutter are important. And make sure to have plenty of candlelight!

Bringing fresh greenery into the house during winter is also quintessential hygge. Most of us have naturally embraced this through pine garlands on the dining room table and mantle, along with a Christmas tree. Spending time in nature can be hygge as well. Building a fire outdoors and encircling it with friends and family is often enjoyed by Norwegians during the long nights of winter. Bundling up and taking a stroll through a snowy forest in the daytime with a friend can also be hygge.

Nicole Apelian holding salad in a bowl

Supportive Herbal Remedies

Essentially, hygge creates a sense of well-being for yourself and loved ones. It encourages self-care, relaxation, pleasure, and a healthy boost of oxytocin — the love hormone. And since many of us in the United States tend to engage in non-stop activity and speed, hygge is particularly important for us to maintain health and balance. It helps us to slow down and savor the moment and also build stronger relationships. If you need additional inspiration for how to do just that, have a look at this post.

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Nicole Apelian

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